Does Lovestruck really work?

Here is just a small selection of the fabulous success stories that we've received. If you've been Lovestrucked then please let us know.

"Yes, i found a wonderful person through your website, he's amazing so thanks a lot. Thanks a lot lovestruck. The decision to create a profile in your website is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I LOVE YOU, but sorry, I hope I don't need to ever wish to use your service again! LOL =)"


"Hello Lovestruck, Just to say with the help of your site I've met a lovely chap and would like to cancel my membership. Thanks for your help."


"We wanna say a big big thank you to Lovestruck! Neither of us truly believed we'd find that one person who makes your heart beat faster when we joined, but we did when we met each other! We are besotted, ecstatic and still can't quite believe it:-) It truly was fate! If anyone is having doubts about joining, take it from us that this has been an incredible experience, and if we can find the person of our dreams, what's stopping you??"

Stu and Ash

"I was pretty sceptical about internet dating. However, the first lunchdate i went on was amazing and we have been together since, we have now been together over 5 months and things are going very well. So thanks from both of us, Lovestruck!"

Cuckoo and Bryony

"Lovestruck has been a very pleasant surprise. I was inspired by this website, it is such a great idea. After a few months I was ready to dip my toes into the dating pool. It took me a while to join because after half my life, my partner and my best friend left unexpectedly last year. To lose them both was devastating. I took time out to heal mind, body and spirit. After several months I decided I was ready to move on. It is a great site because it is a nice safe gentle way to meet people. The guardians patrol it diligently and remove undesirables. We even have the option to ban people we don't like. If you get stuck with something, the lovely admin people help you through the block, and the site is user-friendly. I love the language, it is so affectionate! Lovestruck has shown me there is life after my ex! I'm coming alive again, better and brighter than before. I'm excited by the joy of dating. Thank you."


"Please cancel my membership, otherwise my new Lovestruck missus will kill me! Thanks, it's been fun and I met someone wonderful."


"If anyone had said to me that you could find a partner on an online dating site my reaction would been to inform them that only sad and lonely losers search for love on the internet. My friend placed me on Lovestruck, and it was strange because the system they use to meet people is completely unique and does not feel like you are on the search for a date. What's more, the people who contact you are pleasant and genuinely interested in finding a partner. After two weeks of exchanging emails, I eventually met my partner on Christmas Eve. I am so happy with her and cannot believe I found love on a website. If there are any cynics out there, think twice before you tar Lovestruck with same brush. Because, thanks to them, I now have a beautiful and loving girlfriend."


"Hey dudes, I hereby give you full authority to cancel my membership, I have met a lovely young lady on the site and I wish to thank you for providing me with the opportunity."


"In the world of email, messengers and the internet, it's hard to imagine that you could possibly find someone who'd match you perfectly. I was sceptical, at first, that I would find anything more than just a few dates and perhaps make some friends along the way on Lovestruck. But I couldn't have been more wrong! Lovestruck gave me the platform to find someone so special, so unbelievably warm and charismatic, that she stole my heart in the very instant we met. We've been seeing each other regularly and I can definitely, 100% and categorically say that things are blossoming very nicely indeed. I want to stress to all of you to give online dating a chance because you never know if your true love is just signing up right this very moment."


"Wow what an experience! Thank you Lovestruck for finding me someone special who I love to pieces. I never thought I'd meet anyone who ticks all my boxes, but I have and he is great! It's unbelieveable that the first person I meet up with from this dating site is the person who I want to be with forever - I just knew that within minutes of meeting him that he was the one for me! The meaning of my life is that I want to share it with this special person who means the whole world to me. I could not live my life without him now. I can't say I've ever felt like this about anyone before and I am looking forward to the future. Thank you so much and to anyone reading this - don't diss internet dating until you've tried it - I've found the most important thing in my life!"


"Hi, please delete my account as i met Mr Right after only 3 days of being on Lovestruck. Thank you!"


"Please could you take my profile off the Loveststruck dating site? You'll be pleased to know that I met someone via your site some months ago and we're planning on moving in together next month! So thank you very much, but I'm afraid that your success has lost you a customer!"


"I just wanted to tell you that through Lovestruck I met the most amazing man - it was almost love at first 'site' - our paths would never have crossed in any other way and we both can't thank you enough. We have now taken the big step and moved in together - quick we both know but that's broadband! So thanks tons and tons."

Velvet and Horseman

"Can you pleaseeee cancel my membership, as your dating site has turned out to be a huge hit! In the space of 2 days being on there, i've met a great guy. We've been inseparable since, and i am contented. He is exactly what i've been searching for. Thank you once again, you've been a great success xxx "


"I've now found someone on your site, so thanks and please cancel my Lovestruck membership!"


"I (Tweetypie) met my fiance Sven (Svenito) last year through your site. He was the first person I spotted on the first day I registered. I managed to delete him by mistake by clicking the wrong button but your help desk kindly showed me how to get him back. Funnily, their email to me said 'you may have deleted your future husband by mistake...' Anyway, the day before our first anniversary (8th September) Sven asked me to marry him and I have accepted of course!! Thanks to lovestruck!!"

Tweetypie and Svenito

"Thank you very much - Lovestruck has served its purpose. Congratulations on a site well done!"


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic dating site! I have tried a few but rules. I have had a lot of dating fun since I joined."


"'I, too, thought I was joining as a joke. I figured 'what the heck?' when I joined. I had finally let myself get to the point of feeling ready to date after a big break-up and thought this would be a fantastic and casual way of getting back into the dating scene. I did more than get back into the dating scene, I met the man who really is supposed to be my partner and future husband. We are getting married. We have joked on more than one occassion that our paths would have never crossed without you. He really is a funny, charming, gorgeous, wonderful man and I feel really lucky to have met him. The best thing about it all is that we were both a bit nervous, but both completely open for the experience to 'see what would happen' with this internet dating. It certainly beats the bar. Who knew our casual approach to internet dating would lead him to surprising me with a proposal earlier this summer? Next year is going to be exciting with all of our wedding planning. I never expected to meet my future husband this way, but now all I can say is I am glad I did. Thank you, lovestruck.'"


"I met someone via the wonders of this site. Many thanks Lovestruck, and please cancel my membership!"


"Hi, have loved using your site, it's great! However, I would really appreciate it if my profile could be deleted completely as I have been lovestruck and am getting engaged! Many thanks for your help."


"Hi, please could you delete my profile. It's a great site and I've met someone special!"


"Hey there guys ... I have met a wonderful young lady and yes we have clicked. I just want to say what a great site this is and such a pleasure to use!! I have put a few friends up to the challenge, so let's hope they have as much success as i did!!! Once again a big thanks from me, its been a pleasure x"


"Hi, could you please remove my profile as another lovestrucker and I are now in a relationship ;-) Thank you!!"


"hi guys, please could you cancel my membership as i have now met someone from your lovestruck website since i have moved down to london from manchester. great site and helped introduce me to some new friends. hope it brings you continued success."


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